Dr. Martín Villar (Valencia, Spain 1922-2011) was a world-renowned hematologist, who pioneered the treatment of hemophilia in Spain. In 2007, as a tribute to his career, and to honor his contribution to the management of hemophilia, Grifols established the Martín Villar Awards Program, with the aim of identifying and supporting innovative clinical and scientific work that offers a greater insight into haemostasis. Originally, awards were given to the top three published papers as determined by the jury.  More recently, two awards have been given every year – one for clinical research and one for basic science research. The award has been recognized as a prestigious acknowledgement of research work and is well known among experts.

Beginning with the 2017 edition of the Martín Villar Awards, we are pleased to introduce a new concept for the Awards.The change in scope of the award, is to support new and promising research proposals. This modification provides an opportunity to award financial support for new research projects. 


The Martín Villar Haemostasis Awards aim to promote the realization of innovative ideas and visions in the field of blood coagulation disorders (Haemophilia and Von Willebrand Disease). The Program will offer 1 award of EUR 50,000 for the best project submitted in Clinical Research or Basic Research to applicants whose proposals best match the program's objectives, as assessed by an independent review committee.